Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Virtual Tragedy - Updated

Yesterday, they were all fine. Healthy, working, having babies, a growing population of about 25. This morning when I checked on them, all of the adults were dead, leaving 11 orphaned children aged between two and four. All of the food was already gone. Eight of the 11 children are very weak and were near death when I found them. They are too young to harvest crops or fish. All they can do is look for mushrooms to keep them alive.

I can't imagine what came in the night that caused such a tragedy. The poor babies. They still go to school and I hope they will grow up and be able to bury their parents.

Update: Mushrooms are scarce and seven more have died. Only four children are left now, aged 9 to 11. Nothing is left of the adults to bury. One little girl named Shadow is very weak and probably will not survive. It will be up to Penny and the two boys to keep the tribe going if they make it to adulthood.

Update: The four remaining children all made it to adulthood: Rudy, Tommy, Penny, and even Shadow, who was near death for so long. A toddler showed up in a barrel awhile back. He was 4 at the time and now he's 10! Shadow and Penny are both new mothers. Tommy is a doctor and Rudy is a farmer. Hopefully, the little tribe will survive after such a difficult struggle.

Update Again: The tribe is growing and thriving. The Golden Child (named ShadowSon)has been born to the oldest of the villagers, Shadow. She's the one who was so weak as a child and I didn't think she would survive. Here's a picture of the tribe. The original four surviving children are at the top, plus Lost Boy who showed up in a barrel. The rest are arranged in age with the smallest children at the bottom. ShadowSon is standing next to his mother.